The Liberty Project - Edward Reekers - Booking

Edward Reekers - The Liberty Project

The Liberty project is the brainchild of Edward Reekers. Edward Reekers is a well-known name in the Dutch and international progressive and symphonic rock scene. Edward was for years the lead singer for Dutch progressive rockers Kayak and sang their biggest hit ever, Ruthless Queen’’. He recorded three solo-albums, has been a regular guest on several Ayreon-albums and concerts. 

China Crisis - Booking

China Crisis

China Crisis is a British electro-pop group formed in 1979 in Liverpool, England by singer/keyboardist Gary Daly and guitarist Eddie Lundon. The band scored their biggest hit in the Netherlands with the song Wishful Thinking. The band’s third album, Flaunt the Imperfection, produced by Walter Becker (Steely Dan) includes the hit Black Man Ray is  a true classic of the period. With a combination of truly engaging music, a good bit of  humor. Their live performances are truly must-see.






Founder Rob Reed decided to revive Cyan a few years ago. Reed (also known for Magenta) surrounds himself with excellent musicians who have made their mark in bands such as The Tangent, Karnataka and Magenta. But what really sets this band apart from Reed's other work is the addition of Peter Jones on vocals. Peter is known for Camel and Tiger Moth Tales.



The Watch

The Italian progband The Watch is known for their brilliant interpretation of Genesis music. The Watch manages to capture the adventurousness and raw emotion of Genesis in their pioneering days. The dramatic voice of the singer, spitting image of a young Peter Gabriel, and the all-round excellence of the musicians therefore give you the opportunity to experience the old Genesis. Steve Hackett: ‘The Watch is a band of very talented people and I recommend them.’



The Paradox Twin

The music of The Paradox Twin, founded by singer, songwriter, guitarist and keyboard player Danny Sorrell and featuring John Mitchell, has brilliant depth and layering, in the vein of The Pineapple Thief and Porcupine Tree and a touch of Leprous.




The prog rock soundscapes that Karnataka manages to create are powerful, mysterious and breathtaking. Founder Ian Jones is still the driving force behind the band. He writes everything, plays bass and keys and leads the band. Sertari is the new singer. Her voice is flawless and beautiful in the higher realms. Furthermore, Karnataka consists of Rob Wilsher, Luke Machin (The Tangent, Cyan and Maschine) and Jack Summerfield. 




Inhalo is as diverse as alternative, progressive rock band can be. A harmonious mix of serene, stormy, tension and release. Inhalo is no newcomer; all band members have earned their stripes by playing shows in bands such as A Liquid Landscape, Ivy's Dream and The Heaven's Devil and as support for the likes of Karnivool, Riverside and Marillion, among others. Dutch heavy metal magazine Aardschok wrote about their debut: 'a performance of international allure'. Debut album Sever is a passionate, musical journey about dealing with fears and the possibility of growth. A journey where beauty can lull you into a false sense of security, before the ground is torn from under your feet and you plunge into a sea of fire.